Visitor Information

Please practice safe social distancing while visiting the park.

Park Hours

For your safety, the park is closed from Sunset to Sunrise.

Please do not enter the park after dark.

Rules and Regulations

Please follow the Rules and Regulations for the park to ensure the safety of your family, yourself, and other visitors.

Rules & Regulations for Visitors

Welcome to the Gardens of Palmdale, a meditative walking landscape in the English style. You are welcome to stroll, share conversation, and admire the landscape, trees and flowers from sunrise to sunset. Activities should reflect the serene and meditative character of the gardens.

For safety reasons, adults must accompany children under age 12, water contact should be avoided and bikes, skateboards, and scooters are banned.

Fire regulations require no smoking, picnicking, grilling, fires or parking in the interior gardens.

In order to preserve the park-like setting pets, must be on leash and owner cleanup is required. Guests are asked to refrain from loud radios and boom boxes or disturbing the peace. Organized sports such as soccer, baseball, frisbee, etc. are inconsistent with the use of the gardens as are camping, loitering, sunbathing, posting of information or illegal activities.

Please protect the delicate ecosystem by leaving your kites, remote controlled cars/boats/planes, etc. at home. Likewise conserve the park for future generations by leaving the flowers, leaves, stones and plants undisturbed.

There are ample eating establishments on Washington and Mission Boulevards where food, drink, trash receptacles, and restrooms can be found. No such services are provided or allowed on the property.

Gardens of Palmdale: 参观规定

欢迎造访 Gardens of Palmdale,这里的英式风格园林提供了悠然漫步、放松心灵的最佳场所。 公园开园时间从日出持续到日落。您可以在这里漫步,与亲朋好友聊天,欣赏优美的风景和花草树木。 您所进行的活动应符合花园宁静悠然的特征。

出于安全考量,12 岁以下儿童必须有成年人陪伴;请勿接触园林内的水景,请勿在这里骑自行车和小摩托车,请勿玩滑板。


为了保护这里公园般的优美环境,请用牵狗绳拴好您的宠物,清理宠物留下的粪便。 请您不要使用声音响亮的收音机和手提音响设备,不要破坏这里的和平气氛。 花园内不得进行足球、棒球、飞盘等有组织的运动,不得在此露营、夜不归宿、日光浴、发布信息或进行各种非法活动。

为保护这里脆弱的生态系统,请勿在这里使用风筝、遥控汽车/轮船/飞机。 请爱惜和保护这里的花朵、树叶、石头和植物,让子孙后代也能享受它的美好。

Washington 大道和 Mission 大道上有很多餐饮场所,提供食物、饮品、垃圾箱和洗手间;花园内不提供或不允许提供此类服务。

Los Jardines de Palmdale: Normas y Regulaciones de Visitantes

Bienvenido a los Jardines de Palmdale, un paisaje meditativo para caminar de estilo Inglés. Lo invitamos a pasear, compartir una conversación, y admirar el paisaje, los árboles y flores desde el amanecer al atardecer. Las actividades deben reflejar el carácter sereno y meditativo de los jardines.

Por motivos de seguridad, los adultos deben acompañar a niños menores de los 12 años de edad; se debe evitar el contacto con el agua y se prohíben las bicicletas, patines, y scooters.

Las regulaciones contra incendios requieren no fumar, hacer picnic, parrilla, fogatas o estacionarse en los jardines interiores.

Para preservar el ambiente tipo parque, las mascotas deben mantenerse con correo y se requiere que el propietario realice la limpieza. Se les pide a los visitantes que eviten tener las radios y los equipos de sonido portátiles a todo volumen, o que perturben la paz. Los deportes organizados como el fútbol, béisbol, disco volador, y demás son incoherentes con el uso de los jardines así como acampar, merodear, tomar el sol, publicar información o actividades ilegales.

Sírvase proteger el ecosistema delicado dejando sus cometas, carros/botes/aviones controlados por control remoto en casa. Asimismo, conserve el parque para generaciones futuras dejando las flores, hojas, piedras y plantas intactas.

Hay amplios establecimientos de comida en Washington y Mission Blvd., donde se puede encontrar comida, bebida, recipientes de basura, y servicios higiénicos; ninguno de dichos servicios se brindan o permiten en la propiedad.

Rules and regulations are posted in two places along Avenida Palmdale. One is at the ADA parking slot. The other is at the entrance from Mission Boulevard. For your convenience, the rules are included below.

Quiet Activities

We ask that you respect the neighbors, other visitors, and nature and enjoy quiet activities while visiting the park.

These activities are welcome at the park:

  • walking, strolling, bird-watching, conversation, observing, meditating, and other quiet activities.

Preserve the Park

Please preserve the park for future generations by leaving the flowers, leaves, stones and plants undisturbed.

Activities that are Not Allowed

These activities are not consistent with the park. Please:

  • No amplified music: loud radios, boom boxes, etc. Please do not disturb the peace.
  • No organized sports such as soccer, baseball, Frisbee, etc.
  • No camping, loitering, sunbathing
  • No kite-flying
  • No remote controlled cars/boats/planes/drones etc.
  • No posting of information
  • No illegal activities


Children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

For your safety, water contact should be avoided.

Enjoy the park by foot. Bikes, skateboards, scooters, and other recreational vehicles are not allowed.

Fire regulations forbid smoking, grilling, fires, picnicking, camping, or parking in the gardens.


In order to preserve the park-like setting and preserve the safety of other visitors:

  • Pets are allowed, as long as they are on leash.
  • Please bring bags to cleanup after your pets. Owner clean-up and disposal is required. There are no garbage facilities on the grounds.


Please plan your trip. No drink, trash receptacles, and restrooms are at the park. Eating establishments are available on Washington Boulevard and Mission Boulevard.


Graffiti that is covered up quickly deters more graffiti. Please help us by reporting it when you see it.

The Alameda County Public Works Agency page gives you three ways to report graffiti:

  • by an online form
  • by calling 510-670-5500
  • by a mobile phone app "Mobile Citizen". Download the Maintstar app on your mobile phone.


Contact for more information.