The Palmdale Gardens Community

(From a mural at the historic Starr house)

To Our Neighbors

Welcome, neighbors, to the Gardens at Palmdale, a meditative walking landscape in the English style.

Some of you are nearby neighbors and some of you have come from afar.

You are welcome to stroll, share conversation, and admire the landscape, trees and flowers from sunrise to sunset. Activities should reflect the serene and meditative character of the gardens.

Park Hours

For your safety, the park is closed from Sunset to Sunrise. Please do not enter the park after dark.

Palmdale Community Bulletin Board

Garden is closed from Sunset to Sunrise.

Check here for updates, tree trimming, events, etc.

Please follow the Rules and Regulations for the park to ensure the safety of your family, yourself, and other visitors.


Graffiti that is covered up quickly deters more graffiti. Please help us by reporting it when you see it.

The Alameda County Public Works Agency page gives you three ways to report graffiti:

  • by an online form
  • by calling 510-670-5500
  • by a mobile phone app "Mobile Citizen". Download the Maintstar app on your mobile phone.


Contact for more information.