The Palmdale Gardens Community

To Our Neighbors

Welcome, neighbors, to the Gardens at Palmdale, a meditative walking landscape in the English style.

You are welcome to stroll, share conversation, and admire the landscape, trees and flowers from sunrise to sunset. Activities should reflect the serene and meditative character of the gardens.

(From a mural at the historic Starr house)

Palmdale Community Bulletin Board

Check here for updates, tree trimming, events, etc.

Preserve the Park

Please preserve the park for future generations by leaving the flowers, leaves, stones and plants undisturbed.

Rules and regulations are posted in two places along Avenida Palmdale.

Quiet Activities

We ask that you respect the neighbors and enjoy quiet activities while visiting the park.

These activities are welcome at the park:

  • walking, strolling, bird-watching, observing, meditating, and other quiet activities.

These activities are not consistent with the park:

  • amplified music: loud radios, boom boxes, etc. Please do not disturb the peace.
  • organized sports such as soccer, baseball, Frisbee, etc.
  • camping, loitering, sunbathing
  • kite-flying
  • remote controlled cars/boats/planes/drones etc.
  • posting of information
  • illegal activities


Children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

For your safety, water contact should be avoided.

Enjoy the park by foot. Bikes, skateboards, scooters, and other recreational vehicles are not allowed.

Fire regulations forbid smoking, grilling, fires, picnicking, camping, or parking in the gardens.


Pets are allowed, as long as they are on leash, in order to preserve the park-like setting and preserve the safety of other visitors.

Please bring bags to cleanup after your pets. Owner clean-up and disposal is required. There are no garbage facilities on the grounds.


Please plan your trip. No drink, trash receptacles, and restrooms are at the park. Eating establishments are available on Washington Boulevard and Washington Boulevard.


Graffiti that is covered up quickly deters more graffiti.

The Alameda County Public Works Agency page gives you three ways to report graffiti:

  • by an online form
  • by calling 510-670-5500
  • by a mobile phone app "Mobile Citizen". Download the Maintstar app on your mobile phone.


Contact for more information.